Transition strategy consulting

In a world in full transition, it is essential for any organization to think about its development strategies in terms of the environmental realities of the time and what they entail.

Our monitoring, analysis and regulatory follow-up services are invaluable for understanding the trends governing any sector of activity.

In addition to these foresight missions, we draw up responsible purchasing and implementation strategies based on our environmental, macro-economic and geopolitical analyses.

Finally, at a time of soaring energy prices, we can help you plan your energy transition: so that sobriety is chosen rather than imposed.


Regulatory intelligence and strategic analysis

H2D's complementary areas of expertise enable us to offer regulatory intelligence and strategic analysis services tailored to your needs.

These services are based on a legal and regulatory approach, coupled with geopolitical, macroeconomic and social considerations.

Development and implementation of responsible purchasing strategies

Our experience in setting up supply chains also enables us to advise on purchasing strategies to ensure that they have the least impact and are as virtuous as possible.

We also apply this engineering approach when advising on implementation for organizations seeking to expand.


Energy transition plans

An organization's energy mix is of the utmost importance to it, from both an environmental and an economic point of view, so establishing a genuine sobriety and decarbonization plan must include a renewable energy development plan.

These plans are based on a combination of local considerations - with feasibility and profitability studies - coupled with a trend analysis of macroeconomic realities and existing resources.


Transition strategy consulting

Environmental audits

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